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Clean room
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  clean room
  Job Desc: Design & build
clean room's humidity
controls system
Year : 2006
Contract : 6,500,000 Baht
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  Airplus apply Co.,Ltd is in air conditionioning business since 5-Nov-2002. Now we are one of the Thailand specialists in the design and installation of clean room technology, contamination controls systems and total solution of HVAC applications.
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จำหน่าย ออกแบบ ติดตั้งเครื่องปรับอากาศ ห้อง Cleanroom, ควบคุมความชื้นให้กับโรงงาน
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clean room
Intelligent chilled water fan coil unit, for humidity controls room. by ENERCOV method's cooling coil characteristic controls.
ENERCOV's method humidity control FCUs.
New innovation of humidity controls air conditioner. IFC series, air conditioning system for special function room application to maintain environment such as temperature and humidity at desirably range very precisely.
clean room
clean room
Complete with single phase fan speed control board or fan speed control & CHW control valve signal 0-10VDC
With FUZZY adaptive algorithm adjustable temperature control range 15 - 30oC
humidity 30 - 70%RH
ENERCOV intelligent temp. & humidity controller
ENERCOV's IFH series, new innovation of humidity controls system. It is applied to conventional chilled water fan coil unit to control room temperature and humidity at desirably range without electric heater elements.
Relative Humidity
Room Pressure
Cleanliness Class
Air Flow Pattern
Air Change/Hour
Air Filtering
CO2, Gas Concentration
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clean room
M&H Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Job Desc: Design & built
HVAC system for biological
clean room of pharmaceutical
Year : 2005
Contract : 15,500,000 Baht
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clean room
Walailak University
Job Desc: Design & install
Clean room HVAC & utilities
Year : 2010
Contract : 25,000,000 Baht
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clean room
clean room
We are used to responding to all levels of enquiry detail, ranging from clients who know they need a controlled environment but are unsure how to specify their requirement, through to clients who have employed a professional team to produce a detailed performance specification.
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Tel : (66) 0-2199-2611-18
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clean room
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